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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 10, 2012 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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ri dveha:esam >>hr iraf t k tt. >> brian: chris, you are the brains of the operation. wo save this tape no one said that to chris. >> have a great show. "fox and friends" starts right ♪ ren:d mng ihedl the week. it is wednesday october 10th, i am gretchen carlson. thank you for sharing part of your day today. a stunning rift between t white house andla cln'atep e sllro we never believed that the libya attacks was part of a protest. >> steve: that's new. actress stacey dash that had s ckor supportingpho.
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mitt romney. you think president obama will do the same thing for sandra fluck. >> brian: forget halloween and politics it is all about the pp e yrina whil be in 2012? if i knew i wouldn't ruin it for you. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ "fox and friends" te yw wto ben october surprise is if big bird comes out and said he is for mitt romn. >> gretchen: the people at sesame street said they are t fny ca dde a'dttioun and they are asking for it to come down. >> brian: obama people are thinking about it >> maybe
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that is because it was panned by both sides of the aisle. disty.e tt o sou steven colbear or jon stewart it sounds like a total comedy nothing to do with either side. >> steve: they feature three peop from walleel b:dand lay. >> steve: all indicted and dealt with by the bush administration. >> brian: i clicked on the wall street scandal cards. >> gretchen: o word. diraction. maybe that's whyheyre do asatntou mn. >>tc lng your ties. >> steve: all for breast cancer awareness month. october. >> gretchen: let'set headlines. a man wearing a bullet-f stametnt s. teioaine he was stopped by custom
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agents after arriving from a flight from japan. tcandyagnd smoke gnade a es m asadg h to boston. investigators are trying to figure out what he was to do with those things. did cia have a double agent si of . a fr ric. an he teamed up to the cia. storm had close ties to the sy that president obama knew his name and he senl-aaki ust teac h th isomm the cia. >> brian: we heard there was somebody inside. >> gretchen: could the book close on affirmative action
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for college thupeme cea e a college. its around abigal fisher. and said the university of texas rejected her and admitted minority studes instead . for one lileiram t yeah. [appuse] >> gretchen: i don't know if i can read this guy. army major dan ri haur. as ge eight months eight month in afghanistan. she dreamed that her dad surprised her at school. he just finished his tour. >> gretchen: iee my kids do atn usse ys te hpy reunion of that family. there are hearings of what
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happened in libya in the house was representatives later today. keep in mind there was a t f d after that susan rice argued that the united nations ambassador said it was about the movie. t illce cniontanous eve inatthitas a terrorist strike. the state department yesterday had an admission. they had an admission . timpt is barre. the secretary of state heads up the state department. howereenrta rt oianhe rdthves b testimony refuting claims by the administration members of a deadly attack in libya was provoked by the anti-islam video. wait a second. erndhoha would
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listen and put a mike on her. it is a major stor where the hired help are against the full-time help before fingers being be pointed. >>tc m t asheav b quesons with the things going on in the administration . maybe they thought it would blow over and no one would ask questions. now members was congress going over to libya to find out wt isng cosschtzha hehoay . senator mccain and senator john kerry who wants more answers about what is going on. i think today. if you think the eleion changed from the debate. elon d ay is o moom shell hearings come out. >> brian: before anyone goes
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to congress. i don't know how they go to work. yo guys, i knew right away this was not anything t do wi hen sre. john bolton on what happened and how badhis could be. >> when the state department's ftemcr bureaucracy takes on pa ifdie liberal white house, you know the white house has a big problem and i think the testimon tomorrow is going to be very damaging for the administration, whether it was vo dtirout cover up that teyo heoig ouan s tic of hillary clinton. she is the head of the department of state. and you have to figure she would like to be president. she doesn't need this kind of a scanda in the end of h te aeca oat .
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n m suicoror h did hillary clinton say you go out on the sunday shows and do this? she does work for department of state. >> gretchen: or does she? >> steve: you have to figure it was one of the people insi o w he, lo helnc t shth i pabhat happened and you need to go on the sunday schools. >> brian: i have a better theory. if it was true and s is a senior person of the state department she should he done the sy s. neheho bse she carries so much weight and she knew so little or she would willing to say an untruth. if you leave staryf staleerforhe retipa is bill clinton and you mess with his wife, barack ama --
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>> gretchen: mae that's why hillary clinton was not doing that sunday talk show. weon'tnohy s wot ou t omfortable. >> gretchen: or maybe she did. >> steve: tre are stories that there was cia intelligence that suggested it was a case of spontanous demonstration that grewgly as rzeha i w th c in the meantime trying to set things straight and straighten out the table, the state department had a conference call on benghi. clrohencately fox news was at npp l understand apparentlyy the state department called and apologized. we are sorry. >> gretchen: maybe because fox investigated t story from the beginning. isngnd binot ofewayhasne
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of the reasons why you are not included. >> brian: i agree. we get all of the internal back and forth and planation. i will say this is what is difference cbs o the ground oiny t sdndd u cnn got the journal and lambasted by the secretary of state's staffer for putting it forward and said it was news worthy and not personal. they took on every news agency aihetsornd state department pointed in the administration. >> gretchen: because the way the state department answered this question yesterday: do you agree with the white house tapayheconclusion tha t rrt aache s department said you would have to ask others. that was not our conclusion. >> steve: they have got themselves a scandal with a
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month before thelection and we toldouda ab ass tea she played dee in clueless. it turns out, she who once upon a time supported back oba a suprt miom >>an death slams. >> steve: who wound up contacting her? paul ryan. and then later there was this tweet. had a grtrsioth eyh. gheauryan had a personal experience like stacey dash in college . he dated an africa-american woman. and he sai he could ta w domng tha sort of an th pe dee wi? >> brian: for some reason, on
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the 5 yesterday that was my block and i put it upif you believe it is okay toake toit ant.c n when i watched the governor and his wife on meet the press, they seemed authentic and genuine and the need for us to be uniteov. jumave pe arin her on twitter and the celebrity community is attacking her on twitter. >> steve one of the interesting things. one of the last young wmen who stood up for what she beed sandra. the president called her after she was attacked in various venues and it will be teresting toee if the president of the unitedtates calls her, way to gooran u f w .
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riitld are mo >> steve: it would be a classy move. >> gretchen: danin on hannity. an africa-american conservati woman, she said the real war o w i rimen n. a dying woman put through the ringer by the tsa trying to take the last trip of her life. >> brian: can you say joh ed ctoris hh t ♪ ♪ hooked on a feeling. ♪ i am high on believing. ♪ that you are in love with . ant esd? wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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rpwnit new polls show mitt romney pulling ahead. here is a look at the pough research poll. the presidnt's lead has vanied theresi'sea i ed wiom vrshaes now tide with mitt romney. here to explainn what is happening. dick morris, fmer advisor to president ama and his new book is her com the bck cos na anss oed. >> thank you. >> gretchen: the game changing situation of this debate is astounding? >> yes, theedia is spinning as omaos ankit ro w you think about it. american people never had a good look at mitt romney. the last republican debate was in january or february and
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many independent and docrats didn't watch the republican coentind m ohe dn tune in and romney that is characterized as a fearsome creature, they saw the real romn and what a reasonable nice guy he is andeeaodas ihi t trkend t i ad like the one reagan established. that is responsible for the ip. >> gretchen: carter versus reagan? >> that is a key example. ptr alfct. an obeh, he was six points ahead and one week later he lost by nine andhe intervening thing there was the debate. rterpa acze r h a eorrholdtr
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they saw reg oonand they realized it was not the case. they formed a bond witheagan and that's the same kind of bo with romney now. for mitt romney and single women tend to vote democratic. and as a majority they haven't gone for a republican since 1992. how can it be after one debate there is a hu shi owne tplid n she b fire from obama's campaign. obama asked peopleo think horrible thingings. tax cheat and loves to layff chllavfand loves toay thea rxp himself, and explain the depth of his compassion and the strength of his feeling, the rest of the country got to know him. >> gretchen: could it be that
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e democrat platform was.he they heard about the economy in that debate. >> they had the economy on their mind all along. most of th job loss has been amongomen. ey had ttn tndndplarul wowa to something different about the economy and change. buthey were worried abo romney and so they couldn't make the transition . the debate moved themlos anersi ren: dl stay around. bob beckle said biden will beat paul ryan leak a drum. and the law said you can't kick her out. re nkig. ♪ here i am.
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>> the search for a missing student in boston endsn tg theyisverethdyhn ced t ae block. the grad student disappeared a week ago. overnight 12th death reported in the deadly migitus outbreak, the latest in e a19se i0 erst a a mny as 13,000 may have received the tainted shot and they need
6:25 am
to keep an eye on things for the next month. >> brian: 24 minutes after the hour. the priden is i poaneredes id ret the race. can he go p against paul ryan. dick morris, do you agree with th match up that the o eb matter. >> it should be biden against biden. no need to bring it in to this. biden can savage himself. this does m tndy. eyehet de a ryan was really the author of his program and the architect of what he is push ryan is so articulate and capable he can cement that le. ec or.nshe
6:26 am
hi h d great deal. >> gretchen: he doesn't have the experience joe biden has. he's been on capitolill and been in debate situations before. you think that nerves can play edoneta.atll ors rn >> ryan is well used to it. >> steve: he's a whiz kid. >> he is. this is a unique situation. you have the architect of the program on dnding it. >> brian: oer ts, pn bn'on an interview in five months and six days to prepare. >> not to prepare. they wanted him off of the road for six days. >> brian: he's not -- nn yok tn. cos o erday. we know that obama is raising taxes in his second ter if he has it. the book said the un is going
6:27 am
to impose a new form of r iorewa dme nc transaction tax that said every time you buy a stock or bond or currency you may a robin hood. taxn cigarettes and off shoreilriaxn.s aie i l iur an bonrey which means the president's signature. the senate's consent and the house. the republican house has nothing to do with it. termndmeuctryt obama's secon bblo create global gloverance and impose through treaty the gun controls and tax increases thate cannot get through a republican house. >> steve: check it out. here come the black helierun bew tmees sr. thyo vh. congratulations .
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>> brian: three minutes before the top of the hour. want to buy a gun or ammo? get ready to shell out a violence tax? is that legal. asts, bid thorl called themselves -- i am not going to tell you i am going to let peteownsend tell you here o"fox and iends". ♪
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♪ teth she moment. media. of all of the photos they took of mitt romney they show this one. he was preparing to pose with the students in faiield rnttitlas ma tface because she was surprised he was sitting down directly in front of her. the new york times had a picture of romney with kids. b:e
6:33 am
bizarre photo. the poll numbers looking good for mitt romney. they have to make him look bad. they usewaho bre. aond sng it was a normal meet and greet with a family and a cand date. >> gretchen: you mean the first picture. >> brian: that looks awkward hands out early. ers nngwkou times fro p that meeting. >> gretchen: picture makes it look like h is far away. >> brian: hands out early. >> gretche we know that politics is all about imary, folks thatasnsed gor bve t lt co ock aeds saw thingos television and debates and thinking back to other october surprises.
6:34 am
one of them had to do with the televised debate which was t acg. wh kng aun tre was peace in vietnam and that changed everything. that was an october surprise and nixon didn't agree with it. >> sve: he said peace at hand . nr k said peace is at hand. >> brian: watergate happened before and derailed laterr the entire term. and fast forward to 1980, jimmie carter ainst rd re. angorheta ree irt nt lind also birth to the american wondering would today be the day. october day right before the election came the release of the hostages. >> steve: surprise was,ha rtasti tie
6:35 am
asf t hge he worked out a deal with the iranian to get them loose. he hadn't . 144 days and ronald reagan they were. autifalahen:n thay o it feels like 2000, bush-gore. five-days came the revelation that george bush was arrested for an oldrunk whi ivin ivwh iic ems close we saw what happened. tw monthses of not knowing who the president was. >> steve: two months later president bush squaring off with john kerry. hney tdhe associatedte jt press it changed the entire dynamic andagitated people over 9/11 . of course, john kerry lostt.
6:36 am
>> brian: but kerry thought it was going t help him andn enyeeur teeai the guitarist for the who. pete townsend is a true musical icon. in his candid memior called who i am. he reveals theighs and lows n ohett wng i sat down less than 24 hours ago with the talented guitar hero peat townsend. i was surprised to learn i readgou b id ng anhe ha would your book be called hair i am. >> hair i am not in my case. ♪ >> steve: we tom . ai w thi 1963 or 64.
6:37 am
that was the thing. boys had hair . boys growing their hair. there was a point where we were fine with the idea of the who i a good name and hair was a goo n t thtul e both. >> steve: who hair? >> no hair who. >> steve: not only do people like it when you sma tacy l i it is symbolism of the act in a sense and that is the thing that struck me. i looked for the fact is it a gimand i canki s:ouer drongt your pocket book. they were a fortune? >> that didn't matter. >> steve: it is only money. and i surprised the windmill
6:38 am
thin ool >> we were supporting and keith richards was limbering off at the curtain to stretch himself and i thought it was a tiov w e h le oee l a h di't do it again, and i said you didn't do the windmill thing and he went what? >> i got it. it i mine. tewh a k i lothd, t w bee yo guys were cool, you had so much talent, and you had so much money and so much fame, please tell me being you iswful. >>manhr y hpy t te:uadey and people. >> we didn't have a lot of
6:39 am
money and we didn't make money for a long, long time. >> steve: of the band who did you likehe most the iasloodriouimh love and affection and sadness in the book. i had known him since i was 11 and we played tether in a band. >> steve: what about roger? >> w are good now. tn't g eehe tense dynamic on the stage, it was because i had the creatative. i was the creative engine and roger wa a creative guy and still is, i can't wite songs ou. teogasooai ou have good hair. >> steve: thank you very much. >> you have really good. >> steve: i know keith moon died of heroin and was fantastic. tell me about the idea on
6:40 am
holcoet d >> h fp jumped in the pool. great idea. flip jumped in the pool . i am going toward the edge of the pool a wig a sd h, for godchrist's sake i could have killed himself. he said you should have practiced. >> steve: we do a "fox and frnds" concert sernd ts m xe channel to pay you 1,000 for you and the rest of the bando reunite on "fox and friends" next summer am you do tha >> no. >> steve: $00? it a noe. >>ve is over. [laughing] >> steve: think we came that
6:41 am
close to having the who? >> gretchen: thatas a great interview. loved the stuff ieverne hooee humor. >> steve: i have a book about the who would you like to read it? it is different than the book about the hair. >> gretchen: coming up on "fox and friends" fromater a rot friendly plants what if we told you it was a myth. our next guest said he can prove it? >> brian: romney cutting funding to big bird. but what if ito mon cebsan o tewalywo ♪ ♪
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the top of the hour. a dying woman put through the ringer by the tsa as she tries to take the last trip of her life. she said ages lteder t rpeans pure hne front of everyone in line. she asked for a private creen she was denied. >> said the location was fine and i did everything they asked me to do. iidn't thinkt w goi ass >>tc t t sdny passenger screening, they should granted one. >> how about tax on ammo? they are looking to enact a ent bdsitl was violence tax to close
6:46 am
the budget hole and reduce the number of guns on the streets. critics said t tax will prevent people fromxercing b: con-- our next guest prove it is a bunch of hypocrites. editor of rl clear science. and co-author of sence left fthindnd feeldla yonk i problem when scientist are activity. >> scientist are great at science but not proposing policy. when you consider policy implications you are to consider tngs othha sce emind l er sim scisom pitly actve it turns off the pblic and undermine the scientific process. >> brian: like the global warming sm.
6:47 am
ientt dle w me >> dt nkob wag st is problematic when scientist publicly endorse certain policies. like the carbon tax or certain policies that may turn off the public . ere are other solutionso alar cimng whenor pc policy they step outside of their area of expertise. >> brian: and they use the erer to further their agda. toilets help to csveater if youee i l iher >> l flow toilets don't work. ran paul went on a rant about how the toilets don't work. he's right. toilet use and water use in rcofernanuntor 12 coy . s f iatn and farming and power plts . so the consequence of having a
6:48 am
low flow toilet and every little bit counts you have sue knledge back ups in cities li san fncis b: what about wind farms. it can affect the bird population. >> yes, windmills kill 300,000 birds annually. nnin a de.k city 90ds ouoot t cry 500 million die. our cats kill 500 million birds. when they are opposed to wind power. we are talking p00 enll fit >>anys yly cats can't. and climate change and droelectric power causes climate change, is that the truth? >> no, it is a great source of energy andepshesh dptiv
6:49 am
but it helps to reduce greenhouse gases. in seattle 90 percent of our electricity is from hydroenergy po lkabdokwhay >>ananouorhe book and sharing your information. >> thank you. >> brian: straight ahead. members of the military may not have their vois heard in this election. and the present cm tki a sng biir bul not talk about how much stimulus cash he gave to sesame street to create barely any jobs. charles pane will be in here to talk aboutt shortly if ♪ knotal.
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>> gtchen: big bird had enough. sesame street say toth s.esident sp using us inhe hedett verdnedy charles payne is here to break it down. sesame street saying stop putting out the adthat attacks mitt romney. >>hey e not supsedo a ls. threolal thet lot of money from the federal government and they have a special tax status and that is spoyced not be involved in politics .
6:54 am
obviously no one inhe mira gmin. teh lyer would know you can't use the images without asking their permission. and mitt romney brought up a good point. mitt romney saide would sp inopotiik . f tos ctar gold mines. >> are you kidding me? think approxate that why are we giving sesa street money and depivehem a nicl? odn tese st lot the muppets it is a gold mine and they could have their own network . you say you guys are no longer special on, on t d. th ceesd at hulhey are. >> gretchen: people would be
6:55 am
stunned to know they received one million in stimulus money >> and on top of allf the other. bs gretchen: it created 1 ou l at stimulus act and job recovery numbers and you can go to the websites. we have 300 construction jobs and after that five permanent. b: ouoot te the only thing mitt romney called him out on is the green jobs. the stimulus jobs show lack of supe vision and leadership. >> the real green jobs and if you cal a b drir a rasob e a so few real true honest to goodness green jobs created and the billions that are poured ito it is abysmal. mi romney brought it up.
6:56 am
ilon. terrewoli s gin naturally. america will make it happen and the world will make it happen. any money thrownn at the projects is ether vanity, a payoff or something disienio agn lch b. how about a bib for a grand w grand daughter. >> oh, man look at that. thanks a lot. w clra 'teee a dfr. if is beautiful. my first grand kid. i don't know what to say. >> brian: does he have a 529? >> she will have everything. my goa i loak sasron thgod i will happy for my daughter who had a tough
6:57 am
pregnancy. thanks a lot. >> steve: congratulations. straight ahead on this wednesday morning, a woman returnhomeo fdtr eawahe can't kick her out . chris christie has a messa to obama. >> let's get you a plane ticket back to chicago. mike rowe here at a ford dealer with a little q&a for fiona. tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event your ford dealer. who ha11 major brands to choose from? your fordealer. who's offering a rebate? yourord dealer. who has thlow ice re an.. rdpeof ndan wige thrkorew o re urd er who has thlow ice re an.. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. y four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer.
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>> gretchen: good morning, everyone. today is wednesday, october 10, 2012. i'm gretchen caron. the everhanginstyhging n. stdemeowyi eo tovashe ve ttt o our consulate in libya. who is telling the truth now? the state department or the white house? hours from finding out. >> brian: he's bn quiet since the convention, but governor chris christie is back with a messe tsi. >> c cewagt siheteouse, then let's get you the plane ticket bk to chicago y've earned. >> brian: he's not alone. brand-new numbers from the swing
7:01 am
state voters. >> steve: th fight for your wantouaruthee er being done to our members of the militar regarding the ballot box. "fox & friends," hour two for wednesday, start rightow. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. hope you're gonna have a great middle of the weekday. we'll kick off this hour with headlines. we have a lot of politics to talk about. ait. ate aaxlro wn his bag is more disturbing. he was stopped by customs after arriving electric japan. here is what they found. a smoke grenade like this, body bags, a biohazard suit, handffs,nive a hend . w hng t boston.
7:02 am
investigators are trying to figure out what he planned to do with that stuff, but say he's not cooperating with police. did the c.i.a.ave a double agent working inside aqaeda? a danish man says he is a former caho wrny dh llce tdp w c. t infiltrate al-qaeda and said he had such close ties to the c.i.a. that president obama knew his name. he alsolaims he sent on war al-awlaki a u.s. stick that helped track him down. loffuouead the u.s. to the terrorist who was killed in a drone strike. he overnight a 12th death reported in the deadly meningitis outbreak. the layest in florida. there are now at least 119 cases tenstat as nys00 pe y rveha teot nkoheutk. lawmakers calling for a probe and tighter restrictions on compounding companies like the one in massachusetts that made the contaminated shots. imaginyou're away for a
7:03 am
aan spir bou come ho t fnd id psoid the squatter moved in a month ago, put up pictures, reworked the plumbing and won't leave. peterson, her one-year-old son and the squatter sleep under the same roof. anets keep thiss >> gretchen: huh? under the law, a homeowner cannot remove a squatter by force. peterson says she's in the ocess of filing a civil action in court to prove it's h operty and to try tviche t isor is rd bve taw d onhei of the squatter. apparently so. >> steve: squatters, sleepers, what's the diffence? >> brian: rift between president obama's white house and hillary clinton state department may be the first real evidence of a cor-up in libya. who will take the fallw? stardrng a mbl,rsore arcal hll begin. peter doocy live in washington with the preview.
7:04 am
peter? >> brian, the state department says they never settled on spontaneous violence tied to that anti-islamic youtube vio inghha rs d.dl but the days after four americans were murdered there, multiple administration officials kept their public remarks focused on mobs mad about th moviend not on or. >>reno jtification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> we have no information to suggest that it was a preplanned attack. it is not a rctioth 9 niarat kf. >>ven and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> in fact, this w not a ttaart'ed preditac
7:05 am
gi sitfi libya, mr. nordstrom, will testify today at a noon hearing on capitol hillbout the security breakdown in benghazi and we're expecting some bombshell revelions becausee got our hdsn-m h ntree rle vent l n ae to forget the american diplomatic mission and described benghazi as, quote, not an environment where posts should be directed to normale operations and reduce security sours inccore th a tial tab ecl fscum left libya in august, a few weeks before the attack, and the state department so far is saying they never heard anyone on the ground ask for that team to stay longer. t the leader of that team, eunantolon aw w gu thi to orafheiv in libya in february, there was pressure from the state department to reduce the amount
7:06 am
of security. we'll hear more from him today since he is scheduled to testify as well. yovecoupu dno ahead of time? security concerns. people coming forward with no ax to grind, just fac to get out sayi security was denied. others saying i knew it was a terrorist attack. others saying now seems like indu, t ism e. g t a dynamic situation today and the aftermath tonight, tomorrow and the next day, everyone looks to save their careers. >> gretchen: the foreign policy debate october 22 between mitt romney and barak obama, may be the first time we hr the thcoident responding tony of at and-n rasmussen poll. in addition to polling nationally, what he has done is he's taken a look at all 11 swing states won by president obama in 2008 and take a look at this. by t points.err mine
7:07 am
49-47%. with those swing states, i'm talking about colorado, florida, iowa, michigan, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina, ohio, nnan, vgini scn. >>any hein inattle ground state poll even matters is crazy because the president still is doing fine in new hampshire where he's now trail not guilty ohio. he's trailing in ohio and north fla giutedtruging g erev woe ahose? it makes no sense because each one of them is a separe game. >> gretchen: it is, but i guess it shows that these are the states that will ultimely make the decision, right or wrong, the way the electoral college works. these are sttre ne0 dfo f ec. king of that, who was in ohio yesterday? we haven't seen him out on the campaign trail with mitt romney as much as of late, but maybe
7:08 am
he's going to be now. it's our old friend, governor illy tristie of n ey est. maybe he still is a little tired from last wednesday night. maybe he's a little -- --be jit and applause ] soteensat. t mincause i want to help the president 'cause he loves me. i'm sure he's out there listening. mr. predent, you have lived inside 1600 pennsylvania avenue for four years. if you can't change washington from in thiouse ea!bca'v tne eers and applause ] >> brian: how do you follow that? >> steve: i kn. you know what? as it turns out, remember, he was on the sunday shows the sunday before the debate and he sa mark my words, come thsday mngevery in balbo h islees ueow
7:09 am
rihre was absolutely accurate and there were 12,000 people at that particular rally yesterday either to support mitt romney or to protest barak obama. >> gretc c cistiwas weuta lsaha reebe ae oper speculating, maybe he was chastised afterward for predicting that. turns out he was the solo guy. >> steve: why is it that mitt romney has a whole bunch of different surrogates who show up gis?aslrnist aethe is it because they've got a message that they want to make sure nobody else botches or they're so practiced in their -- >> brian: very few people in the dugout. thestouboutt, the m ci. closing in on pen opinion, but he might need some resources to go to ohio. does he have a shot at michigan?
7:10 am
he's within three in michigan. so i know he's got a lot of ne but if h nhio sarent g m ohtnoi bodies and dollars, do i pull it out of those two places and pour it into the vital state? interesting tactic going on. >> gretchen: there was a report the other day that that was happening in pennsylvania, that the romney camp was gng to move a lot ofhoseeses lo lheldua speaking of another swing state, wisconsin. this is a big story because it is a swing state and rlly it shouldn't matter. it should be just fair all across the board, right? if you ed an absentee ballot and you're i t mily, noerri v ,pptlereter fraud allegations going on right now in that state. as many as -- more than 30, right? >> steve: at least 30. >> gretchen: at least 30 wisconsin municipalities failed to send the absentee ballo to ta vots bere t fo usearven fas. this is a huge problem because
7:11 am
now these ballots will not get to them in time and more importantly, ty won't get back in time to be counted. >> steve: this information comes to us from the mcguy institute. go towyoseretheyhoulo? fed-ex. we know it's expensive, but we'll get everybody's ballot back. also, coincentally perhaps, the federal voting assistance program gave wisconsin service members the wrong deae. se d r t actual deadline. coincidence? you got to hope. you got to hope somebody behind the scenes isn't trying to keep our men and women from having their vote count wisif rseln do thk bk sdinkthil tu herng >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: absentee ballot or not. >> steve: hometown kid wins. >> brian: coming up, ohio voters, do you like your neighbors? we hope so because you might be bailing them out.
7:12 am
swteonnorhepresident oba's teth r. >>tc b m h j ckamomrue a few weeks ago when we were down in tampa, florida. that's a real close-u of you, my friend. >> brian: i know. >> gretchen: now you can have your dres come tr a w s: cay n catalog. >> brian: i drown later [ anc ho yakers riec? jueg thmerica's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. at ler t'smaho,hestve [ e ouncer ] don't miss endless shrimp, just $14.99!
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try as much as y like, anyway you like. like new teriyaki grilled shrimp. offer ends soon! my name angela trapp, and i sea food differently.
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7:15 am
urnororoe le. th top down. we believe in a nation where hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, everybody is getting a fair shot. everybody is doing their fair share. everybody is playing by the same bett aew
7:16 am
teprenams sited the key swing state of ohio 15 times this year and each time he touts his fair share message of helping the middle cls. our next guest says ohio's middle class voters are completely unawaref what rhapsnorf t sem.eeed a ances is a contributing editor for the national review and author. good morning to you. >>hanks for having me. >> steve: in fact, in your -- for th people who are watching right w in gtstat thanete he plans to redistribute money from the suburbs into the city. >> absolutely, steve. americans don't understand that barak obama is a huge supporter gof mmeoeng cle theio stteealth of america's suburbs to the cities. suburbanites are the key swing vote increase this election and the suburbanites of ohio are the
7:17 am
ultimate swing voters in the ultimate swing state. ob hmepecem to know tt bak o rtre r alohe ces >> steve: it's no surprise that a lot of cities across america are struggling financially. the suburbs generally are doing better. so it would make sense, you go to where the money is and the suburbs have the money. th'veenun tts -- so y positive that if h gets another four years, he's going to push for that in ohio? >> that's right. the regionalist agenda came very close passage in ohio in 2009-2010. that's because the draor e rst men lme combus.gnman and president obama right now is working hard and has been working hard to push regionalism over the top in ohio and there are really two parts to the plan. one is a rare and controversial practice called rna t se sng athehe s giurrc srb ckig cof their ta
7:18 am
receipts, which is then given over to cities. so if you're in a suburb and you've passed a special tax for schools, a lot of that could be taken, grabbed and sent over to the citi to bail them t. sve: d rionaas inub ta t tialit rna thing, if you are out in the suburbs and you need to build something, but if the city kind of is eyeing your dough, they could put the coo bash on a project, right? >> tt'righ isenslo he rna onomic development in the suburbs to force it back in the cities. both of these things were close to passage in 2009-2010 and right now in some very specific ways, barak obama is working to push them over the top in oio if he get a son tm. tean traho rbrondld pes nd u in halting development of highways to the suburbs. you wouldn't think the president of the united states would actually be talking about anything like that, right?
7:19 am
well, he did actually mention it back in07ride? sthi >>nedon federal public transportation dollars flowing to the highest need communities. we don't need to build more highways out in the suburbs if we have people in the cities right now who want to work but have no way to get to those bs! >>vewe d't nd to bu sus.waut haats in a? >> absolutely. president obama has a program called the sustainable communities initiative. nobody pays any attention to this program. it's got a name that sounds like noashianinne what stainnual in 2013, they're going to issue their report. they're going to go to the state legislature and at that point, president obama will be able to condition federal money on ohio knuckling under to this plan and ag intd,eal tput in pcehat sehack omevmeutn the suburbs, and barak obama has
7:20 am
been lobbying local ohio politicians to push this regional agenda through. he's been working from the white house with some of the vy sam trd tbbh lian ph agenda through. >> steve: this is a story we have not heard a lot about, especially for the great state of ohio, which is a swing state. so glad you're bringing this up. the book is called "spreing th wh. anu uc >>nk mewhile, next up, hey, ladies, you may be in more danger in the economy. dave ramsey is here with the top three ways to turn around your retirement. henout is you can do tod. suntnt gho isoak i happen [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth.
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7:24 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. 7.million, that's how many beeernd peml d ir. lu corolla, camry and the yaris models. 15 days, that's how long it's been since the white house has held a press briefing. the last one was september 24. finally, five months. that's t last time vice esent e biat f he areethe s" may 6, which didn't go too well. see ya. >> gretchen: hope you're gonna come back. is there augendser bk when it comes to having enough money for rerement? a new survey finds 6 o by abthou m t
7:25 am
shwaor retirement. that's compared to 51% of men. so what are the three things you can do today to change your retirement? let's ask financial guru, dave msey, who joins me live from nashville. goodorni to youe. >>d inow? th schst y hehiffce in gender? what do you think? >> well, obviously there is still an income difference that there shouldn't b but there is in the open market as we do the surveys. ladies tend to handle money diffentlthanme rsinal se, te assessing risk. they have a security gland that men don't have. so they really avoid risk at a better rate. >> gretchen: interesting. so here are some tips you have rcuereten yopar ki t ri. ci aweeaos this presidential election. t a realistic snapshot of your finances. okay. and then down size, clean up your debt and save for
7:26 am
emergencies. what do you mean? >> you've viously gto d wo aatouot t yoag owo expenses a get your debt cleaned up. that gives you the margin in your income to be able to aggressily save for retirement to do whatever catch u you need. grehen:ake vantof 4) esor ngm. ry ct re usatheheo art taking out of your 401(k)? >> you can start taking out at 59 1/2. you're required on an ira, begint 70 1/2. but what you want to do is t to set up youtfnd hao wrantou' so that that tax deferred or tax free growth will continue to grow. >> gretchen: very good. let's go to some e-mails now because laurie in new york city has this question. i'm 62. i have lesshan $100,0 for whsh ionoor ilowicas
7:27 am
possible? >> well, the one thing you don't want to do is panic and try to get rich quick at 62. that's a bad idea. so let's just do good, solid investing. i u fnges, odwt kuads 2,oupr as four types, probably some balanced funds, a growth in income, a growth and maybe a little international sprinkled in. >> gretchen: and maria from orolympian dough has this questi. we're sin on our . br i k .gan us works, but i'm retired. help us down size. what's the adce? >> if you've got 65,000 left on your mortgage and you're upside down, that means your home is already pretty reasonable in th laoke yo h tit. budget. when do you that, you'll find the money that you do have coming in will work harder. >> gretchen: all right. dave ramsey, always good advice, especially today f retirees. we'll see you again next week.
7:28 am
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>> speakf roey, lese hepaaraymi ey s - is up with of his chief advisors. yeah, when mitt asked him to join the team, heut his arm on his shoulder and sai tag, you'ret. ne. ca t yid >>tc tknow them the best, right? your kids, your whole family, less relatives and tre was a report out that his family was becoming more involved in his campaign because they felt like it was necessary. >> brian: tag has been qted a t ly, eiaovhe en youtove ede restaurant. i love the bread sticks, love the bottomless bowl of sal and good noodles as well.
7:33 am
olive garden and red lobster are thlo0,plthe carden restaurant roheou. ttuut n,ary getting ready for obamacare now what they're doing is they're cutting hours of many employees in four differentarkets because they simply don't know how much obamacare is going to frulme ss nyngwa -tetu then the company does not have to pay for their health care. then what happens to those employees? well, then they have to go and pretty much go into the government-run program that is part of obamacare. thheeohi gesting to pointut ve drs to democrats and the company has been ardent supporter of the let's move campaign, which is the healthy iniative that the first lady s beenehind. so for thi gentlem to cme t sa h sdohi r urinal i
7:34 am
b: go y to keep the employees under 50 and do the best they can and keep it at 49 because after 50, you have to give full time benefits to those working full time. >> steve: right, if you got mo 5plees. coy, th,ac that now they're talking about cutting back on hours because of the unknown cost of obamacare. how they've been able to get along far? as it turns out, this particular company got a waiver for the it hhereeeare 0 w g ar they don't know exactly how much there is going to be involved because it's so uncertain. uncertainty really is what is behind this next story as well. there's a guy who is a real da sle mogul bye unst. he s a letter out to his employees that said, you know, if president obama is reelected, yomight lose your job.
7:35 am
>> gretchen: i think a lot of small bunesses are facing a lot of these questions right now ty're lking air ndes tg en meet. he one of the arguments that som of the business people has made is that's why hiring has not been such a rapid pace. companies don't know the rty mats e stu fmss onithe s nebu personally, and so many of them are going to have to make big changes and here is one of those guys, david siegle. >> with the new obamace coming ta i j m less moneyr to expand our business. we're not going to fire anybody or lay off anybody as a result of who they vot for orey anos. t an t know
7:36 am
what the future holds for them and their families. >> steve: he says that if there are new taxes on him in the form of higher taxes on the successful, our company would have no choice but teduc the hesnayouot t v r uyr that guy. he just says this is what we're facing. >> brian: one day away from the vicepresidential debate between jaden and paul ryan of the biden off the trail for a while preparing in delare. foeoc, elsdeaugeebat bls,ecyft est a'or rfnc h de. biden's debate prep partner, congressman chris van hollen, release ago video with a scathing attack. >> i served with paul ryan in congress and on the budget an emeio for this country. >> brian: okay. mitt romney, though, very confident ryan will do a fine job when offering a their visio to the country. romney says ry has the edge
7:37 am
because e facts and truthre s: wh bnde. rendien yabeedbe a missing reporter. florida newspaper reporter sean dugas has been missing since august 27. acting on a tip from pensacola cops, officers searcd a frs asyert e s in a plastic container in fresh concrete. the brothers, christopher and william, are now under arrest. >> gretchen: their sons didt getovaow a cle ge re wmito eydmissions consultant over $2 million to get their sonsnto an ivy league school. i guess they didn't have the grades. preferly harvard by making donations their behalf. but the coupleays no dio rer . threng m f au eisidp going to ivy league schools. just not harvard.
7:38 am
maybe they did have the grades. that's a lot of dough to get into a school. >> steve: last month on "fox & iends," you saw brian make his jet ck drea come t remember? you don't see him like that every day. now, brian, that jet pack can be theaeyli je nmanar ck issent isn't cheap. the jet pack complete with the safety and training course goes for $99,500. >>rian: this is special note to the executive producer here, st ye she goct ai d ereh ay' aabnh i'll act surprised. don't worry about it. >> gretchen: i'm glad you threw her under the bus 'cause steve and i were going to get you like a cork screw or something. >> brian: i know. hopefully. hopefully this needs batteries.
7:39 am
ma pe e nd tven rlr de wir etm onf basketball skills. you know the music, you know the team. this week harlem globetrotters became the first sporting convenient at the barkley center just built in brooklyn byay-z. he personally built it all. ing usitzyea ftan tad t globetrotters. congratulations. the first female player in how many years? >> 19. >> 19 years. >> yeah. >> brian: you been able to hold your own? do you get your own locker roo >> yh. i get to be the princess and i b: moioo brthsi u how did you start playing? how did you join the team? >> i started playing around 13 where i convinced some guys to let me play and i fell in love with basketball. then the globetrotters approached me about trying out for the team. so i went through mini camnd i a abousyll >>t' oe. >> brian: i apologize. >> i'm from new orleans,
7:40 am
louisiana. during hurricane katrina, i was coming out of college, my family evacuated to houston. the globetrters were doing arithavet foe im wh wcurohe hurricane. this is my eighth season. >> brian: you you were on the aaction amazing race," right? >> yeah, i lost twice. >> brian: let's talk to dizzy grant. >> that's right. i went to seatar obttwh wve paou mst basketball. this got me started playing. through college, i dreamed of playing professional basketball. here i am now seven years later. >> brian: here is what's different, not only with the pink jerseysor breast cancer awaress,ut shioue in i neard o nele put in.u for example, in the barkley center, you're playing with two balls. how do you do that? >> we're extrely excited about this. we kicked off our 2013 you write it turoi sho that we.
7:41 am
double points in the quarter or play with two basketballs. weak extremely excited and fans could check us o. has been let and buy tts fioronn,cao >> >> also we're not only doing this through the month of october, but through the whole th f freas ncerg awareness to hsoinrou rido you? >> yes. >> brian: look at this. this is as close as i will get to a professional basketball team. and some sweat bands. can you do tricks to get us out here? >> yeah. oud wo rules.t wecm >> stop showing off. >> brian: are you kidding me?
7:42 am
>> ban: that's a soccerov ro the world. >> brian: treat me like a four-year-d. ntc. okay. i'm going to play with my buddies, so you take it away. i love the ideas of you make the rules tour. >> thanks for having us. >> ban: no problem. >>tc voo teathunmip heho pde cl t al-eda is really on its heels. is that true? didn't terrorists just murder four americans, including ambassador chris stevens? peter johnson, jr. here with the facts. >> steve: then dr. keith ablow also here. beenkaluy ofcase of aanho
7:43 am
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>> steve: fox news alert. this morning the house oversight committee will start calling witnesses in congressional hearings to fdutha ppn teni orat or thor tte department admitting it never was on board with the white house's version to blame protests on a video. so while congress tries to fd out how four aricanse pe wlio, est cigou w t h ben on terror.
7:47 am
>> i said we'd refocus on the people who actually attacked us on 9-11 and today al-qaeda is on its heels and ama binladen is noor >>ve-q its el fis crm i ttr in iewegal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> let's look at the facts there appears to be a pattern of disinfortion, misinformation that borders on deception and theoun s ig, not tellinge ei attacks have gone from 735 to 150 a week. look at the dth of ambassador stevens whh we now understd to be a terroristttack. look what lara l,bs rrnd s a h in iitas the relationship between the taliban and al-qaeda in afghanistan and depicting the taliban as the kinder, gentler new taliban. shs covered it. she says it's notr
7:48 am
in ptaheib gunned down a 14-year-old girl, a 14-year-old girl who was a children right's activist who was an activist for women who wanted t get an education. the taliban we onto a b near tc, ptandxe wew iiahat the al-qaeda has infilt rated that opposition movement against the syrian government. so we look at syria, we loo at pakistan. we look at afghanistan wekt ira we lk esste i me a tunisia and egypt which have allegedly been tied to al-qaeda. so we see a resurgencef al-qaeda, resurgence of taliban that is not consistent with the narrative we've been hearing from theadmira. >>vee e e s et houof ghta sas ib ifqa rera, 's helpful and lara gan from cbs, here she is spilling the beans that
7:49 am
americans need to know. listen to this. >> head of thec.i.a., other people, ficials in the admirati ltols y t o50 aeefn annnd renate' g tthene drone strike away from obliteration. and that's just simply not true. they know it's not true. >> steve: she says i chose this suect -- she de a speech a chthbjbee oio t dhaer i major lie being said. >> well there, has been three types of lies. every terrorist incident is a one off or not a terrorist incident at all. the arab spring was a pitive itevelnt anat lian attack was somehow a spontaneous demonstration that resulted from a youtubevideo has been put to light by the state department, the same folks and the s unedatisasth tesihot
7:50 am
spontaneous event. so there is a pattern of misinformation, disiormation. it appears to be disassembling and deception. it really has to stop because the american people are mature enough to understand thee s: 'shtdle ea ul aovp. d at bnd en tinatdoesn't need it. peter johnson, jr., thank you. what do you think about that? e-mails. meanwhile, coming up, does this sound familiar? your friend keeps going back to istno otutnhohe e doctor knows and keith is next. first, on this date back in 1996 "macarena" number one song. yon an. begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala!
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7:54 am
>> brian: normal or nuts time? a question we ask ourselves we y linngleay awewou ghekay. we're going to ask dr. keith ablow to answer the e-mails you sent us. psychiatrist dr. ablowoins us. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> gretchen: i'm doing great. let's look at the first e-mail. for as long as ian rember sig rrytee cter yt t nthea gatherings areoo tense to bother going. is this normal? >> it's not normal. it's crazy. sibling rivalry is normal. hahau tlill g amatrings anymore, that's crazy. and crazier still is the fact that you guys haven't figured it out. is it that your parents set two upon one another? what's the real answer? it must be something reall
7:55 am
loed oerwi yououldav s: suould est spending time on your couch. here is another one for you. my friend keeps going back to the same guy who cheats on her and treats her terribly. she claims it's just complicated relationship that i isust ea rethpled pt, she's crazy. that's what you don't understand, that she's crazy. she's delusional. sh thinks she's not lovable. hes ng-- cr e lleestf so'soo alfi and move on. >> brian: all right. my husband recently shaved his head. he read a study saying bald men armore successful in business. is this true or is this just nuts can getomebeln to nl. [ laughter ] he's a superstar.
7:56 am
it's crazy. here is the trh, there are me studies showing that bald men seem to be successful in business. some people say it's because tete, d thigh levels o d i thou ve eree b homeless person? the answer is i haven't. they all have full heads of hair. >> brian: that's a great point. >> why? i don't know. i'm just saying. >> steve: all right. upoimney weldhee >>tc oyos teyoulno gretchen: we have to go back and see if there have been any bald presidents. >> brian: this was all studied science until the last letter. >> steve: keith, thank you very much. take care. see you later. >> gretchen: i dlikeald ysug r rso >>vera a, s e l? they're in paul newman's pants! the man who made th awesome discovery and made that exclamation found his pants in hi basement. you'll hear about it coming up in connecticut. >> brian: i'm so cfuse
7:57 am
paneag tac sh ck fpog tt romney. should president obama do the same thing? we report, you dide
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
i yenaere es it'sctober 10, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. hours away from a house hearing on the terrorist attack in libya and a stunning admission from hillary clinton's state department about presidt obama's white house. we are live with theomll rmn. cotibu'skith the message for our president. >> if you can't change washington from inside the white house, then let's get you the plane ticket back to chicago you've ened! [ chee andppla ] teheot o o lstay w be f sng
8:01 am
state voters are backing up the governor of the garden state. >> brian: how do you follow him? and you know this son ♪ i wish that i hadesse's gi i w ties g ♪ where can i find a woman like that ♪ >> brian: wow, this morning rick springfield is back with a brand-newlbum. he's live wit us this hour. it's true, and "fox & friends" stts rightw. steve: it's been a couple of years since rick sprgfield first appeared on our show and i remember seeing somebody who was inherem,aso ou m hep a time. could be a member of your family tree. >> gretchen: i know who it is. >> brian: my first wife. [ laughter ] >> steve: the first and only wife.
8:02 am
>> brian: right, i shod say that. >> steve: she is h big n. >>angh e abo g f r ckfo ton. sh and all her high school friends went to the concert. >> gretchen: he has a new cd out and he'll be joining us at the end of our broadcast. stick around for that. let's do some hadlines. could the book belosgn coe?tiols r fou tup urllrumn whether race should be considered in admission to public college examines universities. the case centers around a girl who says her rights were violated in 2008 when the univerty of texas rejected her ind.m mitde >>maar a btof st e retardant pants was arrested at la international airport. but what was in his bag was more disturbing. he was stopped by customs agents after arriving on a flight from japan. in his bag they found a smoke haffives, a hatchet,, dy
8:03 am
and more. the u.s. citizen was heading home to boston investigate o'ers trying to figure out what he planned todo with all that stuff. but they say he's not cooperating w pe. >> wne tos an al-awlaki may have been brought down by his wife's shopping list that included dove soap and pantene shampoo. a danish man says that he's fo radical whoeamepit c.ile thn hcl t u.s. born cleric and sent him a u.s. beef stick that helped track him eventually e. also claims he had such close ties to the c.i.a. that even president obama knew him by name. what would you do y nul nn'it ouo! >>on have to do anything i don't want to! you keep forgetting the conditions i agreed to keep on living with you. >> gretchen: if you're peter, you put it o. he found it stuffed in a trash bag in the
8:04 am
basement of his apant in, taysee stghemate adds paul newman. he also found a photo of the actor in a pocket. newman lived in west port, connecticut, 30 miles from his apartment inew haven. >> brian: wow,hat'meg. arveun a d p t. foin a top the hour. the state department dropping a bombshell on the benghazi terrorist attack. it puts in clear odds with the white house about what exactly happened and what's been said before and afr. peter doocy live in washington the. is nyihevelad spontaneous violence triggered by anger about that anti-lamic youtube movie for the attack that killed four americans. we've known for weeks that the administration internally beled the dyai a or ackhiou startic last night said the lethality and the number of armed
8:05 am
attackers on september 11 was unprecedented in recent diplomatic history, but for days after that attack, administrati offials bl dderst lvt. >> there is no justification, none at all for responding to this video with violence. >> we have no information to at.gest thatt wasrene s ti-1 anniversary that we know of. >> we've seen rage and violence directed at american embassies over an awful internet video that we had nothing to do with. >> in ct thi was n la,retaac t n hearing on the hill later today, mr. eric nordstrom, who was the state department's regional security officer in libya, will testify about the security situation in benghazi leading up to the-11 rrort ta adydonsi
8:06 am
stors about 230 specific security incidents and to quote, they paint a clear picture that the environment of libya was fragile at best andould degrade quickly. tomapeonirdien ceury resources in accordance with an artificial timetable. lieutenant colonel wood is the army -- green beret with the utah army national guard who was in charge of a 1mbit cu tat cla fohae ltyan ststhhe arrived in february, there was already pressure from the state department to shrink the size of the security force on the ground and we're going to hear more about that later on today when he testifies in a w hours. back to y. gren:yor sty. >>aneye etof e arinton and the u.n. ambassador, susan rice. so what are they going to say? there is a separation between those two and the rest of the
8:07 am
state department andhe white house? what side will they be on? >> steve: because to many, it looks like there has bee some sort of cer-up gngnnd heen acry e,thihent auhe wants to run for president, is a full blown scandal. but that's what -- >> gretchen: the last thing president obama wants as well is a full blown scandal 27 days from t election. >> steve: sure. but the thing is if her state department is out the, y ow pinroan abthiewht wt, on thing that hillary is on the griddle for responsibility wise is the security. would they all be dead today if they had the proper security? a lot of people are asking themselves tha by wi oo f at. geg he's getting more personal each day on the stump. here is another example. it turns out one of the navy seals that lost his life has since retired to work in the private sector, he actually ran into him. he knew him. gl der tdut atneunt tlo
8:08 am
hehew thne who lost his life in benghazi. listen. >> came in and i met some remarkable people. one of whom was a former navy seal hearb t plere and so he volunteered for assign thes to go and provide security. i just learned a few days ago that he was one of the two former navy seals killed in benghazi. i aorbo him and about the fellow that he was with, the other former navy seal. they were apparently not in the nsulate when it was hit. ey were apparently in another facility across town and when they hrd that the conlate wasndacheidgo . th got up with some others and came to the consulate, to the aid of their fellows.
8:09 am
[ cheers and applause that's ame. ghee inm clremosth wtag w h actually chuckling because how did he end up meeting that navy seal? apparently he and ann were going to neighborhood christmas parties one or two years ago and ended up at the wng hou, but sdal t t be twi twet wrpa that's how he ends up meeting this navy seal. he gets into an extended conversation with him because they find out the seal is from massachusetts. of course, where mitt romney had been governor and lived for quite me time. thegngnd tasy he'hulingt sgtngapas ofshoav his life there. >> steve: can you imagine being at a christmas party over by the egg nothing, hey,hat's the governor doing here? did you invite him? no. >> brian: let's keep him around a whi. >> gtchen: he was in the s: letabo --emouf s,y mrs
8:10 am
main stream media were talking about how you know those debate, they really don't matter. that was part of their narrative here is the laugh and it is on those pundits and the prede of t uniaturly b,enyoak a okco rasmussen's swing state poll. he takes a look at a number of the swing states that president obama lost last time and now as it turns out, the former governorf the commonwealth of maacsettis leang t b: .stea l liew hhi still trailing in michigan. still trailing in pennsylvania. this is a tough decision. if you're within three in most of the poll, do you focus still on the oneshat youolely needike o aor o y sot pennsylvania -- >> steve: both. >> gretchen: the first thing do you is check o how many electoral votes the state has, i think, because if new hamhire
8:11 am
has three and ohio has a whole lomore than that, youe obaboingoocn? if h tpo and the money to be able to be in all the swing states, then you do that. >> steve: in ohio now, mitt romney is up there as well. chris christie appeared with him stghndis cti oue hve d ca msoo at promoting mitt romney. listen. >> i feel badly for the presidt. maybe he's still a little tired from last wednesday night. [ rs aus ] ait-- -- maybe he's just a little disoriented when he said it. but let me remind him 'cause i want to help the president 'cause he loves me. i'm sure he's out there listening. if c change washington from inside the white house,
8:12 am
then let's get you th plane ticket back to chicago you've earned! [ cheers and applause ] >> brian: he has national power, why did they get the governor o go oindf t%va ovfoverr kasich? both have done tremendous jobs. i think he's got more national appeal. >> gretchen: all right. so we'll continue to see where christy shows up with mitt romney as we naow into 27 days befohelen. ngonx rs, o serurd jet skiing, an arrest in the cold case. will this finally clear his wife of murder once and for all? we'll talk to her after the break. >> brian: then the fight for ro oirhtoe?m, butnow being wh b dtoemrs of our military. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
8:13 am
by the armful? by the barrelful? the carf? how theowlful? campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. i
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8:16 am
>> steve: quick headlines. overnight, a 12th death reported in the deadly meningitis outbreak. a lest in florida, there are pe m h rve the tainted shot linked to that outbreak. gun rights activists say cook county,hich includes chicago, is eyeing a fee on the constitutional right to br arms. wa qe,letaonsi aleo hp close the county's $115 million budget hole. gretch? >> gretchen: thanks very much. two years afterhe deathof david hartl, t american tourturd e j auitbee hor
8:17 am
arrested the man behind his death. mexican marines recently arrested the man, an alleged drug cartel leader. will this news aow david's family to get the closure it's been looking for? tiy.s w, jomeivrode. mng you. >> good morning, gretchen. >> gretchen: hard to believe two years have gone by. i think since the last time i spe to you and i know every day to you is a long one without your husband. what does this arrest mean for >>l,otf ist nt rmn how is he connected, who is saying that he is connected? i don't believe that he pulled the trigger and shot my husband. i do believe he is part of the cartel and heightave had megthay , hend sot, or afterwards, maybe he knows, you know, where david's remains are and where he'socated. we don't really know.
8:18 am
so we're trying to gather th information. >> gretchen: if we want to bring yorethrus.o e sto yore lng at some of t ruins on the mexican side and saw these people coming at you and they shot your husband. yotried to put his body on the jet ski with you,righ and you were not successfu a d . >>t'rr . waanyi timf back, but unfortunately, when they came back, i just -- i had to make that survival decision and tried to get out on my own. >> gtchen: wn yohave ntacd thatpant ic kyove don a ekasn lawo s,teh t ououud a trying to get him back and trying to find out who did this to him? >> of course, it'sainly them saying it's an ongoing stio steninst ve ms b ntng t weekly trying to
8:19 am
ask them about a death certificate, how is that going to work? how am i going to be able to receive one knowing mexico is kind of the people who have to issuthat in orderor bue n thing about this news coming out, mexico for the first time is saying that ty do believe the zetas carte killed david and that he was ne ateat inex ahee stea thoad t is huge. >> gretchen: right. but also it takes you out of the loop because let's be honest, there were people who thought you were involved in your own husband's murder. for the last two yearshereas be cicdiss t rs tre sg,o the zeta cartel did murder david hartley and did murder my husband and they're taking me out of that and they're admitting to it.
8:20 am
if anything,hat's hugeorme >>tc nngl g hnd bno aie o ima and this arrest brings some sort of closure for you. i hope that you can also get the remains of your husband and continue to move your life forward. activey, thank >> thanku uc saig b lt a could backfire now on the big yellow bird big tim we'll explain. rick springfield is back with a brand-new album. ti's joining us live and hs less. of course, there are certain
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
faces a bird would like to forget. [ laughter ] >> steve: yeah. prencagnin now -- bigird is it interesting because yesterday sesame street asked the campaign hey, can you stop using big bird, please? >> brian: and andrew mitchell said the same thing. >> steve: this morning, robert gibbs saythere are no plans t t ofir t soy' dlin i th ndf fion them. >> brian: not kind of. they think we're in august. they think it's june when everyone is small ball, played this small stuff that didn't matter. now things are so consequential, after that debate, the president should bedessiry i hsto a it ey face. instead, he's taub being big bird when there is a sndal in benghazi, we have corporate earnings in the toilet.
8:25 am
he's still kidding about this? >> gretchen: one othe indidual sther yio hvoho m n'ayteno lithundy w ngo k it simplistic. this is something we've discussed on this show. is that part of the campaign motivation, to keep things on the surface and simple? this ad, if you take that one ththas pseof the debate and y enat st iat position. it's a 501 c 3. they're asking the obama administration to take down the ad. >> steve: they're taking fire because mitt romney brought it up in the debate where-- he bin fng pbs andhings like that. and a lot of the country feels like why do we actually contribute millions and millions of dollars to public broadcasting? well, michelle obama was in virginia outsiwagt c.esay miom w talking
8:26 am
yesterday he is against government subsidizing public broadcasting. here they both are. >>e believe ineepingur we kskha inestris no way to balance the budget. >> food stamps, when the president took office, 32 million people on food stamps. now there are 47 million people on food stamps. these are tough time with real laee tinboavg g bird. [ laughter ] >> steve: he's right. >> brian: what an insult to the american people to think we're that stupid, we need a childhood charter to drive home the fact that wre votin in nembe >>tc ely adioat tpit mpleup,in to attract more people to your side. >> brian: keep it simple, you are stupid. >> gretchen: i mean, my goodness. again, i'm heartened by how many
8:27 am
millions of people watched the debates andopus m h rrht e ertiig bird, 8. for libya, zero. for elmo, five. the number of mentions to plans to fix the economy. zero. >> steve: you got to wonder, at birdcly sf e day, would tha odvo f est m romy? would it? is that going to work? you're going to vote based on that? people need jobs. there are, what, 25 million underemployed in this country right now and we're worried about whetheor not big bir is wh hnetoindph il that's crazy. e-mail us. >> gretchen: coming up, they fight for your freedom, but now they're being robbed of their right to vote. wait until you hear about theservice being done toemrs of sicheli. >>an'rurw f at i libya. this will be ugly.
8:28 am
the story has changed again. will we ever get to the truth? our panel is here to weigh in expansively [ man ] ring ring... progresso this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work? u just he to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eathe sp. [ anc re you gotta taste this soup. 'st he r cst a-llt'sy
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♪ . >> steve: well, your st of the morning, a photooptu th pgrpa says they took it. the company that took it sayst had no ideaow it even got there. but has retouched photos when students' eyes have clo pltod oorrected versions of the yearbook to students. >> gretchen: my goodness. >> steve: similar thing happened to my daughter, sally. they didn't give her tee eye, but apparently there was glare on her glasses, so what they did b: 's c.s.o a tar >>ve're t gog to buy that picture. >> brian: same thing happened to me. i showed up to my without a shirt and they air brushed one on me. now to your head lines theyightor fom oue usmebef
8:33 am
eily n brdin this election. at least 30 municipalities in wisconsin failed to send absentee ballots before the 45-day deadline. former veterans affairs seetary on the behalf of the gomeccaby d te deadline. key state. the gab says that requires a court order. good luck. >> gretchen: body found in cement and buried in a backyard is believed to be this man, a missing florida newspaper po. 'sn m antsi st ngipr pe, fi she grgia home belonging to twin brothers who were friends with him. the body was in a plastic container and fresh concrete. the brhers are nownd st thh wersa as she tried to take the last trip of her lifetime. cancer patient michelle danay says agents at seattle airport
8:34 am
lifted her shirt, ripped her band anals d punured h inin bag i fry scinhe w denied. >> they just said it was fine, the location we were at was fine. i did everything they -- they did everything i asked them to >> ste: s q, measer res bera n tsh ey rit. >> gretchen: actress stacy dash getting a big show of support from paul ryan after she was attacked on twitter for supporting mitt romney. dash says paul ryanalled her to say both he and mitt romney appreciate her support and tat onn hitogaspk t, backlash author said this is nothing new. >> the real war is against bck female conservatives, bla conservatives. there is a war on women. that's the real war onomen noilest ach to s ddie f
8:35 am
sandra fluke after she got criticized for speak out. now it's time to do a weather forecast. >> steve: look where it's raining. portion of the great lakes, through the ohio valley. also a little action here in new yorkity. wire asome o oee onso id a se just to the north of san francisco. otherwise the balance of the country, nice and dry. current temperatures, we've got 20s and 30s out in the northern plains. 60s and 70s across much ofixie . tohi wednesday, it's going to be 72, room temperature, in raleigh. 88 in san antonio and for our friends who are watching right now in cleveland and the ohio valley, temperatures today in > kideeryo dheriun >>angh thea aku.s. consulate in libya which killed four americans including ambassador stevens. today a house committee will finally attempt to uncover who kn what and when they knew
8:36 am
wiheososecattknd wt r-up by the obama administration? why does the state department seem to be running away from the white house's conclusion? let's ask senator d'amato. gr is here.ualso he senator, the state department making it clear eir conclusion was a terrorist attack under secretary -- made a clear they thought it was a terrorist attack. never mentioned the movie i a iv bin >>l,siot was a terrorist attack and we didn't have to wait this long to figure it out. if you look at that time and saw the scope, the magnitude, what took place, and then if you look at the state department warnings, wain fomts t noroea n beefed up security. guess what?
8:37 am
they withdrew personnel, notwithstanding the top security officer if tripoli saying ed more secury. they widrew it bause ty twa tma, be. gsk tis ridiculous. >> brian: so you have people covering themselves. rick, i think we see a separation between ambassador ri, secretary of state clinton, and the other state department employees, the full timers, th lifers. do you see that happeningoday >>h. e'lofu. fiit aiot w eeik trori attack. i think the real question is what do you do about it? we've got a president running for reelection. there needs to be some kind of response he, but the way the united states responds to this will ricochet everywhe in the middle east. obviouslit ismpornt f atoin iiar rpl. e s eese. s t w b but they need to get it right. there is nothing wrong with taking time to figure out who did it and what the proper, thorough and professional response. >> brian: jehmu, do you think the secretary of state and the ambassador to the u.n. susan rice will beefto d
8:38 am
e e rt eye n d t ts where this is going to end up and i think we should welcome as much investigation into this as possible, which is exactly where the administration has gone. but a part of thatnvtigation paan a tsta foc o al ere, wyo vehe house republicans, not including the democratic members of the committee in the information leading up to this committee hearing. >> brian: i agree. >> are they going to go to their collgues and say, why did you gutlmos$300illi f t adston fstio fourat our embassy? >> brian: here is the quote, the white house asked if the tate department agreed with the white house conclusion that it was sparked by the video of a planned terrorist attack, the offial said that is the question youould have to ask others. thatsotndas n bou st tngutt he's done to al-qaeda. listen. >> i told you i'd end the war in
8:39 am
iraq and i did. [ cheers and applaus ] i said i'd end the war in [ riista w a saefn t op who actually attacked us on 9-11 and today al-qaeda is on its heels and osama b laden is no more. >> brian: among the people who challenged al-qaeda being on its heels sadly, lara logan,bs po sg ann 'rck t t t taliban who senator was saluting the filtration of al-qaeda and teaching them terror methods. >> there is no doubt that they are a strong adversary, that they are leading the terrorist atcks,hat ey aprng rta. w- >>an's wrong? >> yeah. we don't have them on their heels. we haven't won in afghanistan. we should have gotten out sooner. not later. this is ridiculous. we are propping a govnmen at irundre
8:40 am
lkaboh w alg relations. you know, it's a sad -- >> brian: rick, i want to get new on this because all over north africa, we find out that there are cells thriving of al-qaeda >> the death of al-qaeda has been gatly exaggated. this dret'fair to s twkig a l lialda this is like those whack a jihaddist. president obama should be very jew dishes about how he characterizes. it's great to say he killed osama bin laden. al-qaeda will be a problem for a long time. ri: je dunk e id sd adt ssasn ay d t ae questioning the fact that he has decimated many al-qaeda leadership. but we also have t keep in mind that when you look at what happened in libya, when the libyan people rose up and wen wh h ty engaged. that's why we have to make sure we have those diplomats and the democracy that is going to ultimately get rid of these
8:41 am
terrorist factions. >> brian: i would totally agree with you. i think we have to understand that al-qaeda is not going wredn tel t tth er pe t isgoto generational war. thanks to awful you. i want you to stick around on this topic. got another one coming your way. actually we don't. yes only have one because of the ra. wihe pdeav rk wtbae of power? rick springfield is here. his fans love him. he's back with a new cd. it is fantast.
8:42 am
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♪ i wish that i had jesse's
8:45 am
girl ♪ ♪ . >>retc wt ist abt stha u sng y ter became a huge hit? our next guest knows about the power of music and what makes the fans keep coming back for more. who is it? rick springfield. "s f othh a new album called d. teth u t. >> it's an energetic up album. it's a little tongue in cheek, title, because of the mayan calendar thing. but t guy who crodt, al tadwe b inuthaoi n ld it's real. i think 're get to go a point where there may be no coming back. we seem to be only to be able to think beyond our kids, one generation. like thinking of a billion. u n't picture morehan one neon stt' going on. i think people feel --
8:46 am
>> brian: when i feel that way, i watch the jetsons because i realize that is truly a look into the future. >> you goto listen to my record 'cause it's a sound track for, if we go out. yoancaunts tabt scinle y cuarat g t coming out that you didn't realize that you had this amazing fan base right from the beginning, right? >> yeah. it came as a bit of a shock. you don't realize that some of ar - 3us ithn 've gone through a lot of stuff and my music has been part of their life and there is really amazing stories in this documentary that really amazing things, incredible things i've been thrgh. >> brian: which reminds me of a personaltory. thats ck t myse fr rdim w i e aaw you up close and personal. not only that did it mean a lot to them and that's dawn and three of her best friends. >> steve: is that picture of rick from your wife's camer ts p?n: she had thestw.
8:47 am
ea >>anatroio photographer. actually that is you on stage. i think you were sweating a lot. >> i do recognize it's me and i probably was sweating on her if she was that close. >> brian: you are a tattooed man, which is something else w wese e'as. e re atnxa o ac y success. they can not wait to see youfully person again. >> we just came from the subway. we took a walk through the subway and islam plang acoustic with fans following us. i wn't sure how it was gng toor riyornx ne mhr bucks. [ laughter ] >> steve: remember, declare that on your income tax. you got this documentary "affair of the heart." it looks at you, your career and how y're still going stron no0wsarig yode you.k there are a lot of guys who like your music. >> i think the new stuff has brought some guys i and doing
8:48 am
shows. >>teve: there is a story about a father and a son in the moe. ye, es.'s t s lnk californiacation. there's a great story about a kid that his dad introduces him to my music early. he's playing his own music. sties.mean, there is million waaas-- mean, gang raped and through my music, i did a nber that was a kind of angry -- i was going through some sff. ushalb h h t ugng ot olhi >>veatotma y el good. >> i mean, it's very humbling 'cause i just sit down and write a couple of songs. but i know -- i had that as a kid. i had that connection as a fan to other ais. >> ban: t t thh mia kng mel gr "neral
8:49 am
hospital." >> i'm really like your questions. [ laughter ] >> brian: is he on the show all the time? >>retchen: he actually is. >> yeah, when i was on "nera sp,"n s ne inoorhe t me over -- is there a doctor on board, you know. everybody turns around and looks at me. [ laughter ] it's a tv show. i'm an actor! >> brian: in the fake scrubs. >> gretchen: you're a singer. check ou tnewd t n cuar mip fofrs, ttnesgag nd nationally. but is that surge helping senate races that could change the balance of power on the hill as well? larry sabato with the answer coming up next. >> brian: let'check in with martha mccallum at the top of the hour. haoulannthhayou havelann bu d aysnk. doctor. >> brian: there you go. >> thank you very much. coming up, we are going to talk obviously about the benghazi
8:50 am
hearings that are happening this morning on capitol hill. isl-qaeda a aea gngd there. ghwves? 'sig qio e bo corker,ing onman eye is a here. and ann romney joins us. she gives it to the obama campaign in this interview and tells us what she thinks will happen in the vp debate, cing up when bill and i join you at up when bill and i join you at the top of the h ♪ one, two, three, four ♪ ♪ you say ♪e'akerngy
8:51 am
♪alk together the right way ♪ do, do, do, do
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8:53 am
>> steve: crystal ball time. the esidential election isn't the ohm important race to follow. there are also some major state races on the feral level that
8:54 am
cod impact the bance of wein . y to a pss olalent t er o virginia. he is here with a preview of what i'm talking about. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: let's start with -- we're going to put up a graphic so people understand what the delicate balance of power is th drayoan, ldts republicans have 47. the republicans would love to have a number like 51. there are three races that you say could actually impact that balance of power. whitzaarart inassaet usnenco ow the republican. >> yes. if this were a midterm election, i put a lot of money on scott brown. the problem for sco brown is, barak obama is going to get vomahus. maybe exceed 60% of the ro wovr.w that is a big coat tail for any democrat.
8:55 am
it's tough to swim against the coat tail. if anybody can do it, it's scott brown, but if he wins, that is going to be a race we'll study for my,any s. >>vel t. whitoene t decrat, versus richard murdoch, the republican. >> yes. th's richard lugar's seat or the seat he has occupied since 1977. he was defeated in the republican primary by state suridmuh. oeug srt theeto be on the fence and even supporting the democrat, joe donnelly. so it is a toss-up race, though i think in the end, murdoch will pull it out because mitt romney is going to win inana goin ay u reertbaon srea a t im letalk now finally about wisconsin. it's bdwin versus thompson. >> this is a puzzler, steve. it really is. i had thought oginay, most peopidh t tso
8:56 am
wig st. t well, it is either a tie or it's leaning democratic. but let's remember, paul ryan is on the ticket, so you're going to have a lot of rublican enthusiasm. it's the state of governor stt an tsiiaras soisneou ten up. it's one to watch and it could be one of the critical races determining control of the senate. >> steve: and you just mentioned the presidential race. real quickly, larry, it looks like romney hgotten a bounce out of the dates nngpeenev it when you only have 27 days to go. we've got two more presidential debas and a vice presidential debate. romney has to keep up the momentum in the remaining o presidential dates th etase. >>verr sabato, thank you for joining us live. >> thanks. >> steve: more "fox & friends" two minutes that make moms happy too.
8:57 am
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